The Emilio Modeste Quintet, feat. Darrell Green, will perform at Café Noctambulo at Pangea

Emilio Modeste-Saxophones, Darrell Green-Drums, Drew Anderson-Trumpet, Jason Clotter-Bass, and Alexis Lombré-Piano

Friday, March 4th, 2016, 7 & 9pm

Café Noctambulo at Pangea, 178 2nd Avenue, New York, NY  10003

$20 Music Charge, $15 Food/Beverage minimum

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Mio quintet 3-4-2016




The Alexis Lombre Quintet to perform at the 2015 Hyde Park Jazz Festival, Saturday, Sept 26th at 3pm at the Hyde Park Union Church, 5600 S. Woodlawn, Chicago!  The Alexis Lombre Quintet will feature Joshua Ramos on bass; Justin Copeland on trumpet; Irvin Pierce on sax, Xavier Breaker on drums and Alexis Lombre on piano.

Admission is free!